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An Overview of Investing in Private Equity, Credit, and Real Estate

As an investor, you may have heard of private market investments and wondered what they are and how they differ from the public markets. By their nature, private market investments are harder to...

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Maximize Your Tax Savings: My Favorite Year-End Planning Strategies

Just like the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes filling the air and the excitement of choosing Halloween costumes, this time of year is ideal for diving into year-end tax planning. These are my favorite...

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Tax Planning Strategies to Consider at Year End

A simple list of year-end tax planning strategies to consider before 2022

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Elements of a Financial Plan for New Dentists

Let’s walk through the fundamentals of a financial plan for a new dentist

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Why is it hard to save money?

Let’s face it. Saving money is HARD. I talk about the emotional journey and mathematics behind saving for your goals.

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