J.E. Simmons and Company helps owners take advantage of business ownership through financial planning, investment management, and tax planning.

About Our Clients

  • Leaders in dentistry, medicine, and other professional services

  • Managing multiple advisors across business and personal

  • Goal oriented with a desire to focus on your craft

Why do people choose J.E. Simmons & Company?

Financial Plans

Integrated Business
and Personal Advice

Experience with  High Stakes Decisions

Experience with
High Stakes Decisions

Cash Flow  Strategies for Owners

Cash Flow
Strategies for Owners

“Business owners deserve an advisor
that understands the full picture.”

— Jack Simmons, Founder and President

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Your One-Stop Shop.
One meeting plus
three calls each year.

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We can help bring clarity to confusion.
We can change anxiety into confidence.
We can turn lost opportunities into new options.

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